Programme Delivery and Support

Programme Delivery
The programme will be delivered through Rainmaker’s proprietary Learning Management System,
myLawU. myLawU is a unique platform which allows students to study online as well as download programme material. The programme also provides students with interactive audio and video files, which discuss different aspects of course material.






Virtual Classroom: Virtual Classroom in myLawU, allows the student with direct access to the faculty. The student can post queries in the Virtual Classroom and the faculty would respond with detailed feedback.




Discussion Forum: Discussion Forum is designed to allow interaction and discussions on program related queries between students enrolled in P.G.D.B.L. Discussion Forum can be used by students to initiate discussions and debate on topics discussed in the blocks within the programme and also, create a network with other students in the programme.



Programme Support

Candidates enroled for the programme will have continous faculty support through the duration of the programme. The support will be provided through online and offline methods.

Online, the candidate has the option of interacting with the faculty on doubt resolution and clarifications through the Virtual Classroom. In addition to this, the faculty would also be available at pre-determined time slots through the semesters on video-calling option over the internet. Candidates would also be provided with email addresses where they can mail the faculty for questions and clarifications.

Offline, the candidate has the option of calling for doubt resolution to the support numbers provided on the "Contact Us" page. Insert Link Here. For immediate clarifications, this number can be utilised. However, the faculty will be available only during select hours on these numbers.

Announcement of admission of 4th batch starts from 1st Feb 2013 to 31March 2013. Course commences from 1st April 2013

Enrollment in pgdbl has been suspended temporarily.

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