Business Laws for Business Managers

Why Entrepreneurs, Business and Management Professionals need to know Business Law and Corporate Law

Every business running in our country is subject to various laws. Compliance with applicable laws is a pre-requisite for running a successful business. Therefore, every company engages the services of a lawyer, whether in-house or as consultant.

However, anyone working in a company or managing their own business will know that it might not always be possible to bring business and legal acumen together at exactly the right time to get the desired results. Sometimes it could happen due to the failure to consider legal ramifications while making what appears to be a purely strategic business decision. At other times, it results from the inability of legal professionals to consider and weigh the commercial expediency of a particular course of action, though they may have considered all the relevant legal aspects. This makes any person with a combination of commercial and legal knowledge an excellent value addition to any team.

Whether one is an entrepreneur, a manager, working in sales, or marketing, one will encounter laws and regulations in their line of work. An ability to understand the basic framework of corproate laws and regulations, and the implications of the same can put one a step ahead of other colleagues.

Different businesses are subject to different laws. Amongst other things, an understanding of the laws applicable to a business structure—company, LLP, sole proprietorship—is crucial. For example, if you are an entrepreneur , a basic knowledge of company laws assists you in understanding the setting up and day-to-day functioning of the company, including liabilities and compliance under such laws.

Liabilities and compliance also come into play with regard to environmental laws, tax laws, employment laws, consumer protection laws etc. These are laws that all businesses are subject to.
Certain areas of legal knowledge affect all aspects, verticals, and departments of a business. Contract law is a good example of that. Whether one is entering into a service contract with a vendor, placing a work order, entering into a strategic partnership, or raising funds; one will encounter contracts, agreements, or MoUs.

Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries

It is critical for Chartered Accountants to understand the businesses of their clients as well as the various laws governing such businesses. This programme gives you a thorough grounding in the important business laws, such as Company Law, Property Law, Securities Law, Insurance Law, and Banking Law. This will enable you to provide your clients with the most appropriate advice after considering all their business and compliance requirements.

On the other hand, if you are a Company Secretary, knowledge of these essential business laws is critical to ensuring that you are effective in ensuring your company is in compliance with all applicable laws. To this end, this programme will equip you with a better understanding of the legal requirements across various sectors that your company may be engaged in.

Most importantly, the wide range of courses in this programme will give you a thorough understanding of the legal environment that governs businesses and help you become a consummate professional.

P.G.D.B.L. Alumni Speak

"It is an advantage to any business professional to be able to take this process of documentation ahead not only based on commercial knowledge but also an understanding of the legal implications of such documentation.  

I found the web based PGDBL programme of NUJS completely relevant for my requirements. The curriculum is well designed to encompass all topics which are important for a business manager and are simple and lucid to conveniently deliver complex legal content to lay men like me. I found some of the topics such as contract law, securities law, properties law and foreign investments law, particularly useful and relevant to my profession. Other topics are also interesting.

I would highly recommend this course to all business professionals, especially anyone in the banking and finance industry, to get a better grip on legal and contractual structures, which will help one become a more well rounded professional."

Prashanth Reddy
Assistant General Manager with a leading Indian bank
Student P.G.D.B.L. Batch I

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