Business Laws for Law Students

Why Law Students and Legal Professionals need to specialise in Business Laws and Corporate Laws

Contemporary legal practice is rapidly changing. A successful legal career requires more than mere astute legal knowledge — business awareness and professional skills are a prerequisite to nailing your ‘dream’ job.

This course on business laws and corporate laws will equip you to stay ahead of the legal and regulatory changes that affect industry. With a keen awareness of the commercial context within which legal issues arise — rest assured, you will always be at the top of the game!

The programme has been developed with a view to complement and enhance the legal education imparted at the University and to facilitate quick and comprehensive understanding of business laws. Additionally, it will help you get a better perspective and understanding of new areas of business law and corporate law related to Competition, Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Direct investments, takeovers and securities.

Students across top law schools are employing multi modal and additional learning tools to better their own learning with a view to add on skills and education and stay current as per the industry needs. The burgeoning corporate activity and the meteoric rise of Corporate Law firms in India in the past years has made Corporate Law a preferred legal career choice.

The PGDBL is a pioneering business law programme that will give you easy access to world-class training and knowledge that would greatly boost your chances in adding unique value to your career across industries, sectors and roles in the ever-changing Indian economy.

Cyril Shroff, Managing Partner, Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co
Indias Biggest Law Firm

P.G.D.B.L. Alumni Speak

"I am a law graduate from NALSAR, Hyderabad and currently working as a
legal advisor to a company. Though I have studied the law courses in my 5
years curriculum but this course has proved to be a very good brush up on
my memory cells.

The best thing I like about the course is that it makes learning easier by
giving easy and day to day examples which helps me remembering the aspects
without even working on it. Secondly, the course being entirely online
gives me an opportunity to continue with my studies even when I am working.
Unlike most other courses in our country, all the assignments and tests are
also online and I can give the tests at my own convenience.
Studying was never so easy and fun before. "

Kriti Das
P.G.D.B.L. Batch II

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