Learn Business Laws Online

Learn Business Laws Online

The P.G.D.B.L. is an online course in Business Law and is taught and delivered using myLaw.net, a unique online learning platform designed and developed by Rainmaker. This is the perfect solution for working professionals who have limited time to devote due to professional and personal commitments. myLaw.net allows a student to access training materials and resources anywhere, and at any time; it allows students to receive feedback and support from faculty, and ensures a continuous dialogue between learners and trainers.

This Business Law course has been designed in line with the concept of collaborative learning, which allows students to study together without being at the same place, at the same time. You work with your peers and the faculty, in a coordinated effort to solve a problem together and to acquire new knowledge, just as you would in a classroom— but without ever stepping into one!

This online Business Law course allows you to choose your learning goals and make independent decisions about what, how and when you want to learn. Whether you are a management professional, lawyer, business student, law student, engineer, or professor, our programme will provide you with interactive, rich and constantly updated content, allowing you to specialize in your preferred area of law.

Our dynamic, diverse and expert faculties who have developed and lead the PGDBL programme include industry experts from top law firms like AZB & Partners and J Sagar & Associates. Our ‘flipped classroom’ model allows you to directly communicate with our expert faculty — you can present them with queries and respond to incisive discussions — and makes learning a fun activity!

We believe that technology provides scalable and effective platforms that can create effective learning environments. Our Academic Team is experienced in creating a learning environment to address the unique needs of students learning online.

The programme emulates a real classroom experience and includes features such as full-time faculty support, peer interaction, ease of access and more!

Candidates enrolled for the programme will have continuous faculty support through the duration of the programme. The support will be provided through online as well as offline. Our Faculty are available on call, and are in constant touch with students through online communication channels such as Skype. Students also have the option of attending classes, which are conducted through web conferencing, sitting at home.

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