Industry Experts on P.G.D.B.L.

Industry Experts on the importance of Business Laws and P.G.D.B.L.

"I think long-term, the best business people, leaders I know, are well-versed in law. Unless you just wanted to do trading, you ought to think about both law and business.

The job prospects and possibilities for advancement are strong, whether you choose to work in finance, business consulting, marketing and sales, strategy, or other areas with applications in both business and law.”

Prof. David E. Van Zandt,

Former Dean,

Northwestern University,

Ranked among the top 10 universities in the U.S.

"I have gone through the one year PGDBL course imparted by W.B. N.U.J.S., Kolkata. My assessment of the programme, and the modules covered is as under:

1.    The course is unique in terms of module delivery, that is, online classroom, discussion forum, continuous assessment through quizzes and the like.

2.   A very high of quality is being maintained throughout in terms of course coverage, beginning from Jurisprudence, Mercantile and Corporate law, e-commerce , Environment Law, IPR,  IT, Insurance, Investment and Competition law  and all that is required for a business professional.

3.   The study materials, forums, online classes, discussions on latest topics, reference case laws, articles, briefs, important judgement and current juridical issues help the participants update and enrich themselves and gain an in depth understanding into the conventional and contemporary areas of business related laws.

4.    I find the pedagogy followed in imparting business law education is really helpful for:

                     i.       Business and management professionals

                    ii.       MBA students and fresh graduates of commerce and management

                   iii.       Non-legal professionals dealing with business, corporate and mercantile law

                   iv.        Law Students

Professor Dipak Majumdar

Faculty - Finance, Law & Banking

Top B-school

"I am an MBA in Finance and a project and infrastructure finance professional. My job entails bidding and financing of various infrastructure projects on a public-private partnership basis with various central and state government agencies in the areas of Roads, Railways, Airports, Oil/Gas/Slurry Pipelines and Urban Infrastructure. I have been responsible for bidding of infrastructure assets worth more than Rs. 10,000 crores and have arranged for financing of infrastructure assets worth Rs. 7,000 crores.
I need to assess contractual and financial risks for project related and financing agreements on a regular basis. Also, structuring arrangements with Private Equity Investors, Government Agencies, Stock Exchanges/FIs and Indian/Foreign JV partners is a part and parcel of the activities of our business. Knowledge of business and securities law is a big asset at my workplace, as it facilitates seamless progression of activities without over-dependence on external/internal legal consultants, who often offer advice only from a purely legal perspective.
This course has been a perfect fit for my requirement of a flexible, technology enabled course on business laws from a reputed university. It allows me to access materials on the go and study as per my own pace, enabling me to balance my hectic work and family schedules without sacrificing on study time. The course content is quite relevant and has helped my confidence while working on legal/contractualmatters, across the table with various legal professionals and government officials."

Sagar Modi

Senior Manager - Long Term Finance

Essar Group

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