Business Laws for MBA Students and Other Graduates

How does Business Laws and P.G.D.B.L. help business and management students and students from non-law disciplines?

Whether it is an increase of FDI limit in insurance sector or the guideline norms for FDI in single brand retailing—global businesses see structural changes on a frequent basis. There are absolutely no escaping legal concepts in business!

In the global economy, there is an increasing overlap in businesses and legal issues. Familiarity with the working of business laws is necessary for quick and correct decisions in the fast paced corporate world. This coupled with the reducing relevance of territorial boundaries has made it even more important for business students, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Business Consultants, Professionals and anyone part of the corporate world, to understand the concepts of laws within India, and how it impacts business. The PGDBL programme provides business graduates the opportunity to become thought leaders of this new economy.

Understanding the interplay of law that underlies commercial decisions is mandatory to develop astute business acumen. PGDBL course offers you just this and much more! With a peer pool comprising of lawyers, business managers from companies such as L&T, IBM, ICICI, Reliance Infosys, TCS and more, students from Top B-Schools and engineering colleges as well as Commerce graduates and Chartered Accountants— you will not only hear alternate perspectives on application of business laws but also gain industry contacts for life!

Other advantages of P.G.D.B.L. for students and graduates from non-law disciplines

  1. Strengthen your resume and gain an edge over peers with an authoritative and recognised Post- Graduate Diploma from NUJS, Indias leading law school

  2. Continued professional development and better productivity and employability

  3. Fulfill professional and career goals while striking a balance between academic studies, ongoing career and social obligations

  4. Enhance employability and stay relevant with the emerging market trends and ever evolving business laws

  5. Advance your career and demonstrate initiative in developing a holistic approach to business

  6. Stake your claim to top jobs and great salaries

  7. Gain access to a student pool comprising of corporate lawyers, senior executives, business managers, professionals and students of top B-schools and Law Schools

P.G.D.B.L. Alumni Speak

"I am not from a legal background. Understanding laws and using it in reality was next to impossible for me. Generally law seems very tough and almost alien subject for those who don’t have any legal background. The course materials developed by Rainmaker and NUJS make this subject interesting and easily comprehensible. The course is designed such a way that give proper schooling for practical implementation without creating any burden. I found it helpful for my social and commercial entrepreneur activity.  It gives edge in business planning, negotiations, and other related activities.”

Rupak Ghosh
Founder and President
CSR - A Not-For-Profit Enterprise

"I am from a non-legal background, working as a consultant in IBM India Pvt. Ltd. I joined this program primarily for two reasons:

1 To expose myself to the legal framework of an organization and understand the organizational set up 

2 To diversify my portfolio and gain an overall understanding of business laws

After the completion of this programme, I have developed an understanding on the Business Law as a whole. The course modules are informative in content and lucid in language. What I liked the most were the illustrations in each Block which helped me immensely to understand the application of the law. I can say that this course has had a huge impact on my knowledge of law and confidence in practice."

Kumar Saurabh

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