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¥    Who is West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences W.B.N.U.J.S?
   W.B.N.U.J.S. is a leading national law school in India. It was established in 1999 by Dr. N.R. Madhava Menon, the founder director of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. It has been consistently ranked amongst the top three law schools in India, by leading journals and magazines like Outlookand The Mint & Wall Street Journal. It has graduated more than 1400 hundred students, who have then gone on to leading international law schools for further studies, international law firms, consulting firms, top Indian law firms as well as litigation and policy work.       

¥    Who is Rainmaker?
   Rainmaker is a professional education, products and services company focused on the legal ecosystem. With a combination of market-leading capabilities across professional education, training, test & test preparation, content & publication, knowledge services, technology solutions and executive search, Rainmaker supports and creates solutions for organisations and individuals across the country. Rainmaker has also built, and runs, www.mylaw.net - the worlds first contextual network focussed on the law and lawyers. For more information on Rainmaker, please click here.

¥    What is a Post-Graduate Diploma?
   A Post-Graduate Diploma, is a diploma certificate awarded to graduates on completing a one-year programme, pursued after earning their Graduate degree.

¥    What are Business laws?
   Business laws refer to that area of law that deals with the regulations and framework that govern the functioning of business – in whatever shape or form it may be conducted. This would include areas such as a business contracts, sale of goods, trade and taxation etc. The legal environment in which a business is established and carried on is called business laws.

   Some of the different areas covered under business laws are:
¥    Contract Law
¥    Company Law
¥    Securities and Investment Law
¥    Human Resources Law
¥    Competition Law
¥    Partnership Act

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¥    Who is eligible for the programme?
   Working professionals from any field, in India or abroad, are eligible for the programme. This programme is also open to students who have not completed their degree programmes and are in their final year, in any discipline. If you are in a five-year integrated law degree programme and have received a degree certificate upon completion of three years, then you can apply for the programme in your fourth year as well.
Please Note: For all other degrees, in any discipline, the candidates need to be in their final-year of study to be eligible for the programme.

¥    Is there an age limit?
   There is no upper age limit on enrollment for the programme. Please refer to the eligibility question to understand if you can apply for the programme.

¥    I belong to the legal discipline. How will this programme help me?
    The programme will allow lawyers update their understanding of business laws by introducing them to the amendments and updations in the law. It will also introduce them to newer disciplines like competition laws and niche areas like foreign-investment laws and securities laws.

¥    I belong to the non-legal discipline. Can I enroll into this programme?
    The programme will provide non-lawyers with working knowledge of all areas of business laws relevant in the Indian context.

¥     Does online programme mean I can complete it from any location?
    Yes, you can be anywhere in India or abroad and complete your programme from that location.

¥    Does online programme mean there are no contact classes at all?
    The programme is designed keeping flexibility of candidate’s time in mind. Therefore, instead of on-site contact classes, we will have virtual contact classes through webinars, online conferences and audio-video chat sessions between candidates and the faculty. However, for those interested in attending on-site contact class, the same can be arranged at W.B.N.U.J.S. campus in Kolkotta, West Bengal, India, if desire is expressed by sufficient number of candidates.

¥     How do I register?
    The registration forms are available on the website. Please click on registrations. You need to complete the online form, download and print and also attach the required certificates and proof of payment and courier to W.B.N.U.J.S. For details, please refer to the registration page.

¥    What is the fee?
    The programme fee is Rs 25,000/- for domestic candidates and USD 1500 for international candidates. Enrolment for the current session is only open till April 30, 2013.

¥     How do I make the payment?
    You may pay online using a credit card, debit card, online net-banking or by sending across a demand draft to W.B.N.U.J.S.

¥    Can I make the payment of fees in installments? Will there be a refund in case I do not want to proceed with the programme?

  " Yes. The fee can be paid in two installments. The first installment of Rs. 20,000/- to be made at the time of enrollment and the next installment of Rs. 10,000/- to be made at the end of the first semester

¥    When does the programme start?
    The programme starts on October 1, 2013

¥    What is the last date for enrolment?
    The last date is september 30, 2013. No enrolments will be accepted beyond this date for the current batch.

Programme Delivery and Completion

¥    How is the programme structured?
    The programme has 14 courses, spread out over two semesters of 6 months each. The exact break up of the courses is available on the Programme Details page.

¥    Is there any financial support available on the programme?
    At the moment, there is no financial support available to candidates.

¥    What course do I begin with?
    You begin with Semester 1 programmes. The first month you start with Course 1: Introduction to Law, Course 2: Business Organisations and Course 3: Contracts.

¥    What terminology do I need to be aware of, when navigating the programme?
    The online platform and the programme structure are self-explanatory, so students would not need to know any special terminology. However, a basic knowledge of computers and the internet will be helpful – myLawU will shortly have tutorial on the same.

¥    How do I access the programme?
    Once you enroll in the programme, you will get access to a personalised account on our online learning environment, mylawU.

¥    Do I need to be connected to the internet to access my programme?
    Not all the time. You can download the reading material and read it on your computer without internet connections. However, for the interactive sessions you need to be connected to the internet.

¥    What kind of content will I get access to as a part of the programme?
    Content is interactive and is multimedia driven. The content has been created with industry expertise and is tied into current regulatory and business illustrations that ensure that the content is contemporary in nature. The content also meets international instructional design requirements, and will include videos and audio files embedded in PDFs, articulate sessions etc.

¥    How do I make up for missing my lectures or lagging behind?
   You will get access to the study materials, which you can access at anytime, from anywhere. The tests will also be available for a fixed period - the schedule for the entire programme, including the tests will be made available at the commencement of the programme.

¥     How do I complete the assignment?
    You will have to submit your assignments online, on the e-learning platform, myLawU.

¥    Where should I clarify my doubts?
    You can put up all subject, as well as administrative, doubts on the virtual classroom, an online query resolution system, which is available on myLawU. Your doubts will be answered by our experts and support faculty, within 48 hrs.

¥    Will I have to give exams?
    There is no term-end examination. Students will be evaluated on tests, and assignments, which are all a part of a unique continuous evaluation methodology. However there will be a viva voce at the end of the programme.

¥    Where will the exams be conducted?
    Tests will be conducted online at regular intervals on myLawU.

¥    How are we evaluated?
    The programme follows a continuous evaluation system. You will have to complete, a viva, 2 research assignments, and online quizzes. The quizzes will be conducted on the online platform, myLawU. Students will be required to submit 2 written project on an identified course / topic, and must appear for a viva voce examination on that course / paper. If you complete these successfully for all courses, you will have fulfilled the programme’s certification requirements.

¥    Is the viva-voce compulsory or optional?
    It is compulsory.

¥    Will the viva-voce only be conducted in W.B.N.U.J.S. campus?
    No. In order to allow flexibility in schedule to candidates, the viva-voce can also be conducted online through video-chat for students who are unable to come in person to W.B.N.U.J.S. campus.

¥    Will I get to reappear in case I fail to clear the programme?
    Students will be allowed a maximum of 3-years to complete the certification criteria for the programme. During this time period students will be allowed to reappear in those tests/viva voce, which they were unable to pass in the first attempt.

¥    Can I take separate tests for failed modules?
    Yes, students need to only repeat the tests that they were unable to pass in the first attempt.

¥    Who evaluates my progress?
    Students will have access to all their test scores, and will be given a report on where they stand vis-a-vis their other batchmates. They will also get a road map, which will show them how they have progressed in the programme.

¥    Will I get any printed materials for the programme?
    Yes. You will be provided with a handbook on the programme. All content that is accessible online will be downloadable.  

¥     Who will provide the teaching?
    The learning will be delivered by Rainmaker and W.B.N.U.J.S., through myLawU.

¥    Who is the faculty?
    Faculty for the P.G.D.B.L. programme include professors from W.B.N.U.J.S., subject matter experts from Rainmaker, and industry experts.

¥    When will the next batch commence?
    The next batch will commence in 2014.

¥    What is the maximum period for completion of this programme?
    Students are allowed a maximum of 3 years to fulfill the certification criteria for the programme.

¥    When do I get my diploma?
    The W.B.N.U.J.S. will award the diploma certificate within 45 days of completion of the programme.

¥    Will we get placed after we complete the programme?
    While there is no job guarantee and limited job assistance only if certain positions are open with our affiliate talent management business, successful candidates will have access to Talent Development Services such as resume building, job counselling etc. which will help candidates position themselves in the job market uniquely and correctly.
Please Note: Rainmakers talent management business only focuses on the legal talent space though Talent Development Services would be beneficial to professionals across the board.

¥    Will Rainmaker or W.B.N.U.J.S give the certificate?
    The diploma certificate will be issued by W.B.N.U.J.S.

¥    Will I get to interact with my classmates?
    Yes. You can interact with your classmates at anytime during the programme through the discussion forum on myLawU. In addition to the discussion forum, you will also get to interact with them through webinars, online conferences and expert-talk sessions that will be organised on a regular basis to maximise your knowledge of contemporary business laws.

¥    Do I get exemption from any courses in my college on completion of this programme especially W.B.N.U.J.S. students or do I get any extra credit?
    This programme is an exclusive programme offered by W.B.N.U.J.S. and currently does not provide any credits or exclusion from prescribed courses in any other degree programme offered by W.B.N.U.J.S. or any other university.

¥    Who can I contact in the event I have further queries?
    Do feel free to call on 011-26521057 or 033 - 25694700  or mail on pgdbl@rainmaker.co.in and we would be happy to clarify any queries or questions.

Enrollment in pgdbl has been suspended temporarily.

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